jueves, 1 de enero de 2009

Final Step. The Outer Space Men (My version) and Special Announcement...

Who could have known back in 1968, that seven poseable alien figures would become an icon of the space toy world for generation after generation. Truly these very first bendable action figures have forever held a place among some of the greatest toys ever invented.
Created in 1968 by the Colorform Co. to capitalize on the Space craze (and Mattel's best-selling 'Major Matt Mason' Space toy series), the Outer Space Men (a.k.a. the 'Colorform Aliens') were 3.5' to 7' tall bendy action figures that today demand top dollar on the collector's market. Now, the legendary Outer Space Men - Astro-Nautilus, Commander Comet, Colossus Rex, Electron+, Orbitron, Xodiac, and Alpha 7 - are back! Their epic adventures are expertly captured in a 160 page, full-color Graphic Novel written by Eric C. Hayes with art by Rudolf Montemayor and Marc Borstel. Their mission: To save the human race from extinction when an ancient civilization, living deep below the Earth's surface, seeks to decimate the planet's environment and rule over the surface world once again! A book debut of this inter-galactic importance can only occur at an event like NEW YORK COMIC CON, February 6-8 at the Jacob K. Javitz Center in Midtown Manhattan.